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Nursing Home Abuse

What is nursing home abuse?

It's a generic term to describe harm done to the elderly and others who
are in assisted living situations.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?
Weight loss, bedsores, bruises, decubitus ulcers,
fractures, anxiety, depression, poor hygiene, physical restraints, lethargy,
inactivity, fear of facility personnel, and patient narratives of abuse.

What are frequent causes of nursing home abuse?
Inappropriately trained, screened and/or under paid personnel that practice physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect in obtaining timely proper medical care, resulting in injury or death to the resident.

How can I stop nursing home abuse?
Secrecy and abuse go hand-in-hand. A claim brought in open court sheds light on practices that otherwise would go on unfettered. A sizable judgment against a facility goes a long way toward opening the eyes of owners and senior administrators.

If someone close to you has been the victim of nursing home abuse you owe it to them to find the best attorney possible to advocate their cause and compensate their loss.

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