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Unsafe Drug Lawsuits

Everyone realizes that the street corner pusher is a dangerous person selling dangerous drugs. And of course, a lot of people think that international pharmaceutical firms are only interested in producing and selling products that promote their health and well-being.

It seems every other day a new miracle drug is coming out that will fix whatever ails you, and it may, but it's those pesky side effects that keep harming large groups of people.

If you actually paid attention to the disclaimers on drug ads about the side effects of their various pills and potions the drug companies would be fighting an uphill battle to sell single pill. But of course the part we do hear and and pay attention to is “ask your doctor if bla-bla-newdrug is right for you.” Do you honestly think your doctor has the time or resources to test the safety of every new drug that finds its way to the marketplace. It's ironic that the ads never say “if you been harmed, injured or killed by bla-bla-not-so new drug  just ask your lawyer.”

Here's a partial list of Dangerous Drugs that have harmed others. If you been injured by one of them I'll put you in touch with the attorney you should be asking about it.

If someone close to you has been the victim of dangerous drugs you owe it to them to find the best attorney possible to advocate their cause and compensate their loss.

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