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Gun Shot Related Accidents

Many Americans sustain gun related injuries due the the negligence of others. According to the latest statistics from 2005, there were over 700 accidental firearm deaths nationwide.

Hunting Accidents

Hunting Accidents play a large part in these gun related incidents. The most common causes of hunting accidents were found to be failure to identify the target, careless handling of a firearm, and the victim being out of sight of the shooter. No matter the cause of the negligence, however, the victim is the one who suffers. He or she could experience long term pain and suffering, wage loss, expensive medical bills, or possibly loss of life.

Handgun Accidents

There is much debate about the safety of handguns in the household. Statistics show that in 1999 3,385 individuals between the ages of 0-19 were killed by guns. This includes homocide, suicide, and accidental injury. Of those, about 214 were reported as accidental. In 2000 there were reportedly 600 gun injuries to citizens of all ages that were reported as accidents.

The actual rights of people to bare arms is not a topic of discussion here. Instead we simply recognize that accidents DO happen, and in notable quantity, every single year. Because of that, it is critical for individuals to understand the circumstances in which these accidents occur and what their rights are if they or a loved one is involved.

Handgun Accident Situations

There are some common factors that can be considered when dealing with handguns. Let's utilize age brackets to discuss:

  • Children (0-12). Handgun incidents involving children are often cases of curiousity. If the child is extremely young, they may be prompted to handle a gun simply from tactile curiousity. If they are older they may have seen their parents handling the gun or a character on tv/in a video game. These children generally don't understand the workings of a gun and trigger it by pure accident.
  • Teens (13-19). Teen interaction with guns is generally much more intentional. In fact, teens are more likely to have easy access to guns because parents assume they are beyong the point of accidental injury. Teens often seek out guns for a sense of empowerement, or out of curiousity. Injury by teens usually comes from a lack of education about guns and can be caused by incidental firing, cleaning, or play.
  • Adults (20+). Statistically, adults are even more susceptible to handgun injury than children. In the U.S. it is not terribly difficult to own a gun, yet many gun owners do not take the time to become properly educated on their use and care. As such, accident injuries occur from mishandling, lack of education, drug/alcohol involvement, and 'play'.

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