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Chiropractic Malpractice

It is a little known fact that chiropractic manipulation can lead to a stroke.
The stroke can occur minutes, days or even weeks after a neck adjustment.
In many instances patients with a pre-existing injury seek chiropractic help to alleviate
pain only to find their initial condition worsened by the rapid twisting and jerking
motions applied to the affected areas by their chiropractor. In these instances
the initial or additional injury caused by the chiropractor is usually rather apparent.
The chiropractic manipulations that ultimately lead to a stroke can be much more
difficult to immediately detect as they can involve a small tear to arteries supplying
blood to the brain. This can result in a clot that restricts the flow of oxygen to the brain, eventually causing the patient to have an ischemic stroke. Spinal manipulations could also result in a hemorrhagic stroke where the tear causes bleeding directly into the brain.

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