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What You Need to Know About Actos Lawsuits

Actos has been introduced as an effective drug for controlling Type 2 diabetes. It is believed that when Actos is combined with proper diet and exercise that it can help your body manage it's own natural insulin while stopping the liver from overproducing blood sugar.

Unfortunately, side effects have begun to arise as more data has become availabl regarding Actos use. In June 2011, the FDA warned users that Actos may cause an increased risk of bladder cancer, especially when Actos has been used in high doses over a long period of time.

Now legal action is being organized against Actos. Read on for more information regarding the status of the drug and whether or not you may be entitled to be a part of compensatory returns.

Side Effects

Actos has been linked to the following health hazards:

changes in vision
vision loss
frequent, painful, or difficult urination
cloudy, discolored, or bloody urine
back or abdominal pain

Heart Attack
Kindey Cancer
Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Information

"An ongoing study involving 193,000 people, age 40 years or older with type 2 diabetes indicates people using pioglitazone or medications including pioglitazone, for more than 12 months have a 40 percent higher risk of developing bladder cancer." - FDA

International Results

As more studies are revealed about Actos, more countries are halting it's use. At this time, both Germany and France have stopped the sale of Actos.

What You Can Do

If you think you might be at risk due to your usage of pioglitazone (brand name: Actos), it's critical you get in contact with the proper legal counsel. Our job is to stay connected with the best and most relevant lawyers a related to Actos lawsuits.

Contact us today, and we will make sure you are put in the best hands possible.

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